Date Night Ideas When You’re Stuck At Home


Ideas for a Free Date Night at Home

We’re currently on day 14 of our CoronaVirus lockdown. Anyone know what day of the week it is? Cause I’ve been wearing the same pair of yoga pants for 3 days straight, our extra quarantine snacks are long gone and it’s possible that I may have forgotten how to drive a car. Seriously, I don’t even know where my keys are. 

But I’m starting to think we might need to adjust to our new normal for longer than I had anticipated. Our schools here in PA just extended the closures until mid April, and chances are it could be longer than that. So some of the normal things we used to take for granted may need to… well, adapt. And that includes date night. 

My husband and I have never been great at keeping regular date nights. Most nights involve collapsing in a heap on the couch and binge watching Netflix until my husband falls asleep. Which, I know, is super romantic.  We needed a date night before all of this, and we definitely need one now. You know, because we’ve been spending A LOT of time with the kids. I love them and all, but it’s A LOT of time. 

So I thought it might be helpful to come up with a list of inexpensive, stuck at home date night ideas that you can pull off without leaving your house.

Here we go…

couple on couch date night at home

Fire Pit Date

If you have one available a night outside by a warm fire with some s’mores supplies could be a fun way to break up the usual routine. Leave the phones inside and try talking to each other. Just don’t ask about their day if you’re both working from home, because well… it was probably the same as yours. 

Firepit date night at home

Movie Night

Pick a movie you’ve both been wanting to see and make a night of it. We love to make popcorn on the stovetop (we use this recipe) and experiment with different toppings. Try throwing some candy in it!

Order Take-out

Feed the kids mac and cheese for dinner and then splurge on something for yourselves after they go to bed. Ordering out for all 5 of us can get expensive and my kids are picky. So the idea of picking out something just for us sounds amazing. And your local restaurants could use the support right now so it’s a win-win.

Just Dance Competition

It’s time to dance like no-one’s watching, because they aren’t. 

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Look at old pictures, watch old videos of your kids, or pull out your wedding video. Or if you’re feeling really ambitious, put together that photobook you’ve been meaning to make for years. If you’re like me, this can end up being a never ending black hole but finding pictures like these make it all worth it.

Little boy with safety goggles
“Mommy, do you like my goggles?”
Little Boys asleep with mom

Game Night

Dig deep into the game closet and pick an old favorite. Or leave out the actual board game part and just ask each other trivia questions from Trivial Pursuit. Need a few ideas? These are our favorites: Monopoly Deal, Ticket To Ride, Othello, Sequence

Virtual Double Date

Have friends you’ve been meaning to catch up with? Or just your friends down the street that you’ve been social distancing from? Set up a time to reconnect on FaceTime and have a virtual double date! 

Tackle a Home Project

Ok, I realize for some people this could end up with one of you sleeping on the couch. But if this is something you enjoy doing together, go for it! Hang some pictures, refinish a piece of furniture, or paint that bathroom you’ve been avoiding since you moved in. 

Husband and Wife Bathroom Renovation
That time we bit off more than we could chew.

Bake Together

Find a new recipe you both want to try and spend some time in the kitchen together. You get to spend some quality time together and then eat something delicious when you’re all done. 

Play Bartender

Every now and then we like to search our refrigerator and pantry for cocktail ingredients and see what new concoction we can create from what we have on hand. 

Plan Your Next Getaway (for when this is over!)

About a week ago we had to cancel our anniversary trip that was scheduled for this week. It was a major disappointment but when this all blows over we’ll be ready to book it again right away. 

Planning trips takes time and right now you might have some to spare. So why not dream about the next sunny destination you’d like to visit together? You might even be able to get some really good deals on hotels and flights right now. Just make sure you check the refund policies and have a backup plan in case you need to postpone even further. 

Related: Now is also a good time to look into traveling with credit card points. Come up with a plan and start working towards your first free trip. Read more about how we do it here.

Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana
Where we were supposed to be this week: The Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic

Well, that’s all folks. Stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy.

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Date Night At Home
Couple having date night at home on the couch

Date Night Ideas When You’re Stuck at Home


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  1. I love the bar tender idea! 😀 So far We’ve been having movie nights (with popcorn and cola and all!), board-game nights (or afternoons, actually) and fancy dinner, mimicking a restaurant: full menu, fancy wine and dessert, all planned out! We were just missing the candles, they are on my next shopping list! 😉

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