Southwest Companion Pass Trick

How to Earn the Southwest Companion Pass

Want to hear something pretty cool? In the last 2 years our family has not paid for one single plane ticket. Now that would be easy if we hadn’t traveled anywhere, but nope! That’s not at all the case…

How To Travel For Free With Credit Card Points

How to travel for free guide

One of the most frequent messages I get on my Instagram account is, “I’m really intrigued and would love to learn how to travel for free like you do, but I have no idea where to start.” Let me tell you, I get it! When we were first introduced to traveling with credit card points I was completely overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to travel more and this felt like it might just be the way to do it. But it is A LOT to take in at the beginning!

The Travel Freely Points and Miles App

Travel Freely points and miles app banner

When we first began our points and miles journey, I quickly realized that I needed to find a points and miles app to keep my credit cards organized…

Airport Security with Kids: 12 Essential Tips

How to Survive Airport Security with Kids

One of best ways to make traveling with kids less of a hassle, is to be prepared for airport security. Between the large crowds, the juggling of all the gear, and the wrangling of all those kids…

10 Ways to Save for Travel

Woman holding jar with cash and coins saving for a vacation

We have very little margin in our monthly budget, so when we want to splurge on a family vacation, the funds usually have to come from somewhere other than our paycheck…

Points and Miles for Beginners

Suitcases stacked on a beach

How Credit Cards Changed the Way Our Family Travels I’m about to lay out just how easy it is to get into the points and miles hobby for those of you who want to travel but don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around. This is a meaty post, but I promise you it […]

4 Alternatives to a Factory Installed Entertainment System

Children in the backseat looking at map and playing with electronics

4 Aftermarket Rear Entertainment Options When we bought our first minivan in 2013, one of the “must-haves” during our search was a built in screen and DVD player.  The benefits of having the system already installed were many.  For one, the system is designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle. There is no extra time […]