18 Travel Gifts for Kids


The Best Travel Related Gifts for Children

Travel gifts for kids are a fantastic way to inspire a love for adventure and exploration from a young age. They can not only make the journey more enjoyable and educational, but it’s always a way to give practical gifts that you know they’ll use!

As a family travel blogger we have used our fair share of kid’s travel items. Practical travel gifts for kids like backpacks and roller bags, or a neck pillow can make traveling more comfortable for them and give them a sense of independence. My three boys have always enjoyed travel-themed board games or puzzles that help keep them occupied during long flights or car rides. Items like a travel-themed water bottle can be a fun and practical gift. For tech-savvy kids, a travel-sized camera can be great (I know I loved taking my own photos as a kid!). These travel-related gifts for kids not only make the journey more enjoyable but also create lasting memories and learning experiences. I hope this list will help you find the perfect gift for you young travelers!

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1. Backpacks

Kids love to have their own backpack, even from a very young age. My boys never went anywhere without their own backpack. It is one of the best travel gifts for kids. I have linked a couple of my favorite backpacks here.  This Backpack comes in several cute patterns for boys or girls. If you are looking for a backpack for an older kid this is a great option

three boys waiting to go through airport security with backpacks on.

2. Roller Bags

As kids get a little older, having their own roller bags can be so helpful for parents. Usually kids love the responsibility of handling their own bags. There are so many fantastic roller bags for kids of all ages. This bag is a great option for a toddler that still needs a little help with their bags and it doubles as a ride-on that mom or dad can pull through the airport when little legs get tired (we had this exact brand and it made the airport so fun when our kids were little!). This bag is another great option!

If you’re going to Disney, a Mickey themed carry-on bag like the one in the photo below is adorable!

Mickey Mouse themed American Tourist hard side suitcases

3. Luggage Tags

Luggage ID tags make the perfect traveling gift for kids. It can help kids keep track of their luggage and backpacks. There are so many different kinds out there, so just check which ones are the favorite for your kids. These Disney and Marvel character tags are cute and bright colored so it’s easy to find your luggage. These are another fun option for luggage tags!

looking down on boy with brown hair and a colorful backpack on.

4. Neck Pillows

Help keep your kids comfortable when traveling on a plane, car or train. These neck pillows have some really cute options plus they have a couple different sizes depending on the age of your child. I think the sloth is my favorite! These are a more simple design for ages 3-7. There are several color options as well. 

a fuzzy light blue neck pillow

5. Headphones

Headphones are a great idea for a range of ages. Kids love the idea of listening to their own music or show. These headphones are foldable and have a tangle-free cord. Here is a bluetooth option that is also really great.

boy with headphones on looking out of an airplane window to the city lights.

6. Passport Holder

Having a cute yet recognizable Passport holder can help keep those documents organized and protected. There are so many designs to pick from but here are a couple of my favorites. This option is great because there are so many to choose from and they have such cute patterns! I love this customizable holder! This allows each family member to customize their passport holder with their travel adventures and it doubles as an arts and craft project. 

7. Sketch Pads

A sketch pad is a great idea for most ages! It gives your kids something to do on the plane or somewhere to keep a log of what you’ve done or seen on your trip. This is a great simple and small sketch pad. Another great option are these little LCD coloring tablets. They are small and packable and you won’t have to worry about your little ones writing anywhere they shouldn’t! 

white sketch pad with colorful pencils.

8. Travel Journals/Travel Books

A travel journal is a great way for children to document their travels and all the new places and things they see. We got this idea from a retired teacher friend of ours when she gave them to our boys before our trip to Costa Rica. Such a great memory! This is a great journal for several different ages. Another great option with prompts to help get kids writing!

9. Tablet and Cover

A tablet and good accessories have become a must for us when traveling with kids. A tablet can help kids of all ages stay entertained for long plane or car rides. This tablet is great for a range of ages. We actually bought these as an alternative to installing an entertainment system in our minivan because it was so much more cost effective. If you have iPads, this case is wonderful because not only will it protect the tablet it also has a built in stand!

three boys sitting on a green bench playing electronic devices.

10. E-Reader

An e-reader is a great device if you have kids that love to read! They can still continue reading during the trip without having to lug around a bunch of books. This Kindle is small and compact and can handle holding several books. Having a case is a must with any device. A bright colored case will also help you or your child keep track of it while traveling. 

11. Flashlight

All kids love flashlights! They are perfect if you are on the beach at night, camping, or just for fun in your hotel room. This flashlight comes in many colors and floats! This Monocular/flashlight is a great option if your kids love exploring the outdoors!

A red flashlight shining onto a white background.

12. Water Bottles

It’s so important to take a water bottle with you when you travel. It helps save money and plastic! Each member in our family carries one every time we travel. This is a great option for a water bottle with so many fun patterns! These Contigo spill-proof bottles have always been a favorite of ours because you can just throw them in your bag without worrying about spills.

child filling water bottle at airport water fountain

13. Travel Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is something we will sometimes pack in our checked luggage if we know one of our kids will have to sleep on the floor or on a couch. I love this sleeping bag because it has a built-in pillow. Just one less thing to pack!

14. Travel Activity Book

Travel activity books are great for kids of all ages! They are always full of games, songs and fun activities to help keep the whole family entertained during long travel days. This travel book is plane themed and would make a great gift before a family trip.I also love this activity book for older kids!

15. Kids Travel Games

Having games is a great idea for travel days or once you arrive at your destination. This Monopoly Deal card game has been a favorite in our family for years! It’s fast paced and super easy to learn (and way faster than traditional monopoly!). If you have board game lovers there are so many travel versions of the games. Even Settlers of Catan, another favorite of ours, has a travel edition! The game featured below is another favorite called Genius Square and would make an awesome travel gift.

Genius Square travel board game

16. Snorkle Gear

If you are traveling where you will be snorkeling, having gear that fits your kids is a great idea! So often what you rent does not fit kids properly. This is a great option with many sizes to choose from. Another great option with many colors to choose from. When we went to Costa Rica we brought a set for each of us.

Child wearing snorkel gear while on vacation at the beach

17. Camera

Giving a camera to kids can be so much fun! Kids love to document what they see and will love looking back on their memories. A waterproof camera is a great idea especially if you will be doing any water activities. This digital camera is great for older kids. 

18. Go-Pro

A Go-Pro is definitely not a cheap gift or one for a small child but for a teenager it is a great way for them to document their fun adventures! This is a nice starter for an older kid. If you have a real adventurer this Go-Pro accessories kit is the perfect gift. 

Whether you’re preparing for a family vacation or looking for a useful Christmas or birthday present, these thoughtful travel gifts are sure to spark curiosity and make every journey an unforgettable experience for the young minds in your life.

If you want to learn more about how our family travels for next to nothing, I would love for you to check out my Quick Start Guide to Traveling with Points and Miles. It is a hobby that has forever changed our lives and given us the opportunity to see the world!

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18 travel related gifts for kids
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18 Travel Related Gifts for Kids


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