Discounted Disney Gift Cards Using Chase Offers


How to Use Chase Offers to Purchase Disney Gift Cards

Ever since my husband and I started using points and miles to travel I have seen more and more that the perks of using credit cards are so much more than just the points you earn for using them. If you have any Chase branded credit cards you could be getting discounted Disney gift cards (or any gift card for that matter) for up to 10% off through a program called Chase Offers.

Chase Offers to Buy Disney gift cards

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How does Chase Offers work?

The program offers cash back in addition to whatever points you earn. Common participants in the program are places like Rite Aid, Staples, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and more.

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Chase offers are unique to each account you have with Chase, including credit card and checking accounts. You select individual offers that are then added to your card. Then after you make a purchase you’ll receive a credit on your account statement in about a week. 

Offers have expiration dates and percent back limits which vary by offer. So, for example, a 10% cash back offer at Rite Aid might have a $6 cash back limit meaning that you will only receive the cash back on your purchase up to $60.

Instructions for using Chase Offers

Chase customers can log into to view available offers. Scroll down your Account Summary page until you see this box in the sidebar. 

Chase Offers on Account Summary page
Chase Offers Side Bar Menu

Click on “See all offers” then select the account you’d like to see offers for from the drop down menu. Find the offer you want then click on the “+” to add offer to your card.  

Chase Offers Menu

Make sure you check offers for each account you have (by choosing from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen) because there may be different offers available. And if the same offer is available on another card you can take advantage of the offer more than once. 

After you select the offer you’ll see the fine print detailing the maximum cash back you can receive and other terms. 

Chase Offer from Rite Aid

How do Chase Offers get me discounted Disney gift cards?

If there are offers available for stores that sell Disney gift cards, snag them up! Think pharmacies, grocery stores, and office supply stores…

Then after you’ve added offers for retail locations that sell Disney gift cards, the only thing left to do is go purchase your gift card. Just remember to maximize your discount by only purchasing up to the amount that is eligible for cash back. 

If you check back each month to see where these offers are available, and start purchasing discounted Disney gift cards several months in advance, you can save quite a bit on your Disney vacation! As you accumulate gift cards you can keep them all in one place by going to this site.

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Discounted Disney Gift Cards Using Chase Offers


11 Responses

  1. Great post! I had a Disney trip planned before COVID hit. I’ll have to use this post to get a Disney card ready for when everything opens back up again!

    1. We’re in the same boat. We have a trip scheduled for November and as of now we’re still planning on going. It’s not exactly the way we would have planned it, but we’re hopeful it will still be worth it! Hope you get to go soon too!

  2. This is some really great information. I have always wanted to take our kids to Disney but it is so expensive for a family to go. I’m going to be looking into Chase now so that I can start doing this and hopefully make that family vacation happen.

    1. Disney is by no means “cheap” but there are definitely ways to soften the blow. I hope you can make it work!

  3. My husband and I both have the Chase Premier Disney cards and they have been a lifesaver. We ended up paying for our Disneyland Wedding with our credit cards (paid off of course) and basically got all of our food during our week stay in Disney for free lol “Free” but still saved us so much money in the long run!

    1. Yes! It’s pretty easy to save 5% at places like Target and Sams, but I consider 10% or more to be a really great deal.

  4. This is a great idea; I never even thought of using my points to buy Disney gift cards. I am definitely doing that before our next Disney adventure! Thank you for sharing this!!

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