Disney World Tips from Moms Who Know Disney


The Best Disney World Hacks from Disney Moms!

Today I have for you some of THE BEST Disney World tips and tricks that I have accumulated over the years. They come from personal experience and from moms who have been to Disney with kids on repeat for years. There is some seriously good stuff in here so you’ll definitely want to pin this to reference over and over again as you prep for your Disney vacations. 

Ridiculousely Useful Disney World Hacks from Moms Who Know Disney

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Before You Leave

Pack in Ziplock Bags

Use gallon sized ziplock bags to label and separate daily outfits for each of your kids. Lay the outfits out at night and your kids may even dress themselves in the morning. 

Use Packing Cubes

I use them for every trip to help keep each kid’s clothes separated. But you could also pack one cube for every day of your trip with an outfit for each child inside. 

Pack a Change of Clothes in Your Carryon

Throw one of the packing cubes (with an outfit for each member of your family in it) into a carryon in case your luggage gets lost. You’ll at least have one change of clothes while you wait for your bags to show up!

Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards

You can get them for 5% off with your Target Red Card. Use them to purchase everything from meals to souvenirs. 

If you have a Chase branded credit card, there are even special bonuses now and then for 10% back at some stores that sell Disney gift cards, like Staples and CVS! Read more about how and where to find these discounted Disney gift cards. 

Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

 Stay in Disney’s Deluxe Resorts for half the cost by renting Disney Vacation Club points through a retailer like David’s Vacation Club Rentals. We just booked a 2 bedroom villa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for less than half what it would have cost to book through Disney directly. Read more about the process HERE.

Buy Some Things Ahead of Time

Buy overpriced supplies and essentials before your trip. Check out my list of must-haves for any Disney vacation HERE

On the Plane

Use Pencil Boxes or Tackle Boxes

Use pencil boxes or tackle boxes for airplanes and park snacks. The snacks won’t get crushed and you can easily pass them out weary kids when you’re waiting in line for Peter Pan’s flight. This clear plastic tackle box would be perfect!

Bring Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

Bring hydrogen peroxide Clorox wipes to wipe down airplane seats, tables at restaurants, highchairs, and rented strollers. The kind with hydrogen peroxide will actually kill the norovirus, while the regular wipes won’t. They can be hard to find, but here is a link to them on Amazon.

At the Parks

Pack Glow Sticks

Bring glow sticks and other light up toys from home to pull out during the nighttime shows. They will act as a distraction while you wait and hopefully save you from having to buy the light up toys being sold in the parks for a whole lot more. 

Child playing with glow sticks during Disney World Fireworks

Write Your Phone Number on Magic Bands

Use a Sharpie to write your phone number on the inside of your magic bands. If one happens to fall off you’ll have a better chance of having it returned to you. 

Use Clickable Sharpies

Use clickable Sharpies for character autographs. You won’t have to worry about losing the caps. Here’s the link to buy them on Amazon.

Pluto signing autograph with retractable Sharpie at Disney World

Pack Mini Lights

Pack a set of battery operated mini lights to wrap around your stroller. It will be a heck of a lot easier to find in the sea of strollers parked outside of the rides at night. Something like these LED fairy lights would be perfect.

Pack Post-it Notes

Keep a small set of post-it notes in your backpack or diaper bag to cover the toilet flushing sensors at the airport or in the parks. Apparently that unexpected flush is a common fear among the little guys!

Ask for Free Single Doses of Medication

 If you find that you need a pain reliever or allergy medication, try asking at one of the gift shops. Some moms have been given single dose packs by cast members when they ask. 

Take Advantage of Baby Care Centers

When my son was an infant we spent almost every weekend at Disney so I knew where every baby care center was and which was may favorite for privacy and nursing (it’s in Animal Kingdom btw). While I nursed kid #2, my husband watched a Disney movie in the AC with kid #1. And if you need baby food, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, or juice it’s available to purchase. 

  • Magic Kingdom – to the left of the Crystal Palace
  • Epcot – down the path to the left just before you enter Mexico
  • Hollywood Studios – to the left as soon as you enter the park
  • Animal Kingdom – on the left just past “Creature Comforts” before you cross the bridge to Africa

 **You can see the exact locations here. 

Pack a Plastic Tablecloth

Pack a plastic tablecloth to cover your stroller. I suggest bringing extra ponchos to cover your stroller when you’re on rides, but another mom suggested buying a plastic tablecloth! They are much bigger and will be better at covering the whole thing. 

Carry an Extra Battery

Carry a portable cell phone battery. The days are long in the parks and there are so many reasons you will need your phone (wait time apps, Fastpass reservations, etc). So you do not want to be stuck with a dead battery. This battery on Amazon has 3 kinds of cords built in and is ultra slim so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your backpack or fanny pack.

Bring a Stroller

Bring stroller for kids 6 and under. Even if you think your kid won’t use it, they will. It’s a long day, temps get hot, and kids get tired. Plus it’s really nice to have a place to store things. I actually miss my stroller for that reason. 

We’ve owned A LOT of strollers but the Joovy Scooter X2 was my favorite park stroller. Even my 7 year old would hitch a ride every now and then. 

Children in Joovy Scooter X2 double stroller

Rent a Stroller from Kingdom Strollers

If you don’t want to bring a stroller through the airport, rent from someone like Kingdom Strollers and save a ton compared to Disney prices. Single strollers start at $45 for 1-3 days and doubles start at $55. They also rent cribs and special needs strollers and now offer airport pickup and drop-off for strollers. See a full list of their prices here

Pack Distractions in Your Park Bag

Think dollar store finds: stickers, bubbles, glow sticks, and pipe cleaners are just a few ideas. Little, inexpensive distractions go a long way when you’re waiting in a long line with exhausted kids. 

Ask for Free Ice Water

Save money by asking for a free cup of ice water at any quick service restaurant. It’s a great way to save on your dining costs.

Think that’s the only thing you’ll get for free at Disney World? You might be surprised.

Have Your Photo Taken by Photopass Photographers

Ask photopass photographers to use your personal camera to take your picture. You don’t have to pay for memory maker in order to use their service. (Although I am an advocate for purchasing it and think its worth every penny).

Disney photo pass photographer taking picture in front of castle in magic kingdom

Pick the Right Park

Go to the park that had extra magic hours the night before. They will be less crowded since many resort guests were there late the night before. 

Use Ziplock Bags

Put your electronics in zip-loc bags if you plan on riding anything with water.

Use the Disney App

Check wait-times on the Disney app on your phone. It will help you decide what the best next move is.

Order Kids Meals

If you aren’t super hungry or you’re an adult with a lighter appetite, order a kids meal. You don’t have to have a kid to order one and you’ll save a few bucks. Read more about how to eat cheap at Disney World. 

Label Everything!

Pack Sharpies so you can label EVERYTHING. Write names on souvenir cups, lanyards, water bottles, snack containers, you name it. (These clickable Sharpies are my favorite and super convenient for character autographs).

In Your Hotel Room

Pack a Laundry Kit

Pack a “laundry kit” with Tide pods, Dryer Sheets, and quarters. If you’re staying in a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom Villa (learn how to save 50% on Disney villas here) you’ll have a washing machine in your room. And even if you’re not, all Disney hotels have self-service laundry facilities on the property. Most have been converted to credit/debit card operated and all facilities have the ability to text you when your laundry cycle is completed!

Use a Hamper for Dirty Clothes

Pack a pop-up hamper to keep all of your dirty clothes in one place. Some of the rooms can get cramped so having a tidy floor will really make a difference. And then at the end of the week you can dump all of your dirty clothes into one suitcase to throw in the wash when you get home! Here’s a 2 pack at great price on Amazon.

Use Glow Stick for Nightlights

Pack glow sticks to leave in the bathroom at night so you don’t have to turn any lights on and risk waking anyone up. This pack of 100 can be used in the parks at night too.

Use a White Noise App in Hotel Room

Download a white noise app on your phone if that’s something that will help your kids fall asleep when your family is sharing one room.

Bring a Drink Carrier

Save one of those cardboard drink carriers from a fastfood restaurant and bring it with you. It will come in handy when you’re doing a coffee run at your resort early in the morning. 

Bring a Dish Washing Kit

Pack a dish washing kit with a small sponge and a mini bottle of dish soap so you can wash kids cups and bottles in the hotel bathroom sink. 

Order Groceries

Order groceries and have them delivered to your hotel. If you aren’t there when they arrive the hotel will even hold them in a refrigerator for you until you can pick them up. 

When You Get Home

Make a Disney Tub

If you visit Disney frequently, consider keeping a “Disney tub” filled with all of your park necessities. Ponchos, Mickey Ears, travel sized toiletries, gallons sized ziplock bags with kids’ names on them. 

Share Your Tips!

My time in Disney parks has been so much more enjoyable because of the tips I’ve accumulated from other parents and park goers. I would LOVE it if you would share yours with me in the comments. I’ll even update this post with my favorites!

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Disney World Vacation Tips
Ridiculously Useful Disney Vacation Tips

The Best Disney World Tips from Moms Who Know Disney


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