What to Wear to Disney World for Moms


Cute Disney Outfits for Moms

Does anyone else ever google, “What to wear in Disney World,” or “What to wear on an airplane,” before going on vacation? I have literally searched, “Outfits to Wear to a Baseball Game” looking for inspiration. I know. I’m such a nerd. But I can’t be the only one because there are actual articles out there with those titles! 

And now I’m writing one.

Because I know someone else out there is googling, “What to wear to Disney World for moms,” wanting to make sure they’re on the right track with their packing game.

I get it. You’re spending a ton on this trip, you’re going to take a thousand pictures, and you want to look at them for years to come and think, “dang, I looked cute.” Not to mention you want to feel comfortable being out in that Florida heat all day!

So here are my suggestions for what to wear to Disney World for moms. 

What to Wear to Disney World for Moms

Before we start! Are you still in the early planning phase of your Disney World vacation? Here are some other posts you might find helpful

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Cute Comfortable Shoes for Disney World

Best Shoes to Wear to Disney World

I can’t say enough about how important it is to wear comfortable shoes. I have clocked upwards of 25,000 steps in a day at Disney so you’ll be glad you made the effort to think through comfortable footwear.

Here are some reliable choices:

Tip: If you wear sneakers, you might want to consider packing a pair of flip flops in your bag in case it rains. There is nothing worse than treading through the parks with sopping wet socks and sneakers. It happened to me and my husband when we were in Disneyland last year, and let’s just say it stole the Disney magic. Read more about what to pack when it rains here.

Tip: Bring a pack of moleskin with you in your park bag. As soon as you feel a spot that is rubbing or “heating up” apply a small piece. I swear, it will save your feet! This is the kind we used.

Best comfortable sandals for Disney World

I used to worry about what to wear to Disney World for my feet and thought that I had to wear sneakers or some other closed-toe shoe. But when we had season passes and spent almost every weekend in the parks, I quickly realized that I actually prefer wearing sandals. My go-to are these Reef Memory Foam sandals. I have walked 12+ hours in these shoes and my feet feel fine at the end of the day. As I’m writing this, that exact style is out of stock, but here is a similar pair.

I’m also a fan of Birkenstocks. I know, everyone has mixed views on these. My husband hates them. I think they’re a practical “mom shoe,” and I don’t care what anyone else says. I’ve also done an entire park day in my Birkenstock Gizehs. They can be pricey so recently I tried the Target version, and I’d go as far to say that they are just as comfortable, if not more so!

Tip: Switch up your footwear each day. Instead of wearing the same shoes day after day, maybe wear sneakers one day and sandals the next. Or if you take a break mid-day, change into a different pair of shoes. It will give your feet a rest and keep them from blistering. 

I also know people that really like Crocs Isabella Sandals and Sanuk Yoga Sling Sandals.


For days when you wear sneakers be sure to pack moisture wicking socks that don’t slip off your heal. I just bought an 8 pack of Puma socks at Costco (cause that’s where the cool moms shop) and I love them. They’re squishy and they haven’t once slipped off my foot. 

Not sure if they’ll still have them by the time you read this but they’re also available on Amazon.

Shirts to Wear to Disney World

Themed T-Shirts for Moms at Disney World

I’m not one to wear a themed shirt every day of our trip but I do like for my outfit to fit the park I’m in. An easy way to do that is with a graphic tee that doesn’t SCREAM Disney, but that just casually mentions Disney. Here are a few for each park that will pull together a super cute mom Disney outfit.

Animal Kingdom Shirts

Magic Kingdom Shirts

Epcot Shirts

Hollywood Studios Outfit Ideas

Tops and Tanks

Pretty much every day that I’m not wearing a Disney tee, I’m wearing a flowy, non-clingy tank that doesn’t stick to my skin or my 15 leftover pounds of childbearing weight. 


Get yourself a few good pairs of shorts that don’t ride up and that have a good amount of stretch. If they’re too tight you’ll want to scream when you start to sweat (or get dowsed with a tidal wave on Kali River Rapids), plus with all the bending and getting in and out of rides you’ll be glad you wore something with some flex. I just ordered a few pairs of the Universal Threads jean shorts from Target and they are amazing. Perfect mom length and plenty of stretch.

Depending on the time of year you may even want to pack a pair of jeans. Some of my favorite times of year to visit are when I can walk around comfortably in a pair of jeans. They are few and far between but they do happen!

 So if you’re going in December or January be sure to check the weather and you too might be able to experience this rare phenomenon.

Here are a few cute but comfortable shorts options. 


I know this might not sound like the most practical choice, but sundresses are actually a great theme park option. They look put together, they are super comfortable and if you have a nicer dinner scheduled, you’ll have something to wear that isn’t denim shorts and a tank top. 

But what about climbing in and out of rides, you say? Just be sure to pack a pair of biker shorts to avoid any theme park wardrobe malfunctions. I’ve linked the pair I own below. 

Best Mom Bag for Disney World

Crossbody Bag

Family in front of the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, Disney World

If your husband or someone else in your party is willing to wear a backpack, all you really need is a compact crossbody bag for the essentials (or a fanny pack if you’re confident enough to sport one). Here’s why: 

  • You can easily wear it on rides, usually without having to remove it at all. 
  • It keeps your phone within reach to capture adorable Disney moments without having to dig.
  • If you need to separate from your group you know you have everything you need on you.
  • You can still wear it at the same time as a backpack if you’re nice enough to relieve your designated backpack carrier.
  • When your kids ask for something you can say, “Ask your Dad.”

Tip: Keep it small enough that you won’t be tempted to load it up, therefore defeating the purpose of not wearing a backpack.

For years I have used a small Coach bag that has enough room for a thin wallet (like the one below), my phone, some chapstick or hand sanitizer, and feminine products (if you’re lucky enough to schedule your trip during your period).  

My coach bag is still hanging in there but I’m considering this waterproof nylon bag for our next Disney trip. It has plenty of pockets, it’s made of lightweight material, and will dry quickly if it gets wet.

Best Backpack for Disney World

If you decide that the crossbody is not for you, or if you think you’ll need to have 2 adults carrying a bag, I have heard great things about this brand. It folds up into a zipper pouch so you can easily pack it in your luggage when you’re not using it. And the material is water resistant making it a great option for rain prone Florida weather!


Rain Gear for Disney World

Ponchos! Do not forget your ponchos! You can buy the official Disney ponchos with Mickey on them in the parks, but they aren’t cheap. They’ll cost you about $9-12 a piece, so for our family of 5 we’re talking $50. (They will replace them for you in the parks if they happen to tear, but still not worth it to me).

We prefer to buy them at the dollar store ahead of time, or order a multipack from Amazon. This is the pack I will be buying for next time. There are 6 adult size and 6 kid size so that means 2 for each of us and 2 extra to cover our stroller. And they come in either all clear or mixed primary colors.

For EVERYTHING you’ll need on a rainy day at Disney World you’ll want to read this post.


I was on a water ride at an amusement park a few summers ago when my son knocked my favorite pair of sunglasses off my head and into the water, never to be seen again. (Insert eye roll emoji here).

So ever since then I’ve learned my lesson and only bring cheap sunglasses that I wouldn’t cry over if they were lost… or you know, thrown overboard. 

sunglasses purchased from amazon

I have have this pair, and this pair of Sojos sunglasses and I love them both!

Best Mom Bathing Suit for Water Parks

Hopefully you’ve built a resort pool day into your Disney itinerary. If not, I highly suggest it! We have done 3 consecutive days in the parks with our kids and that was really pushing it. Ideally we like to do 2 days and then spend a day at our resort.

Either way, if you plan on spending a day at the pool you’ll need a bathing suit you can play with your kids in. For a water park I really like wearing swim shorts so I feel slightly less exposed (I wore these with a tankini top when we spent the day at Island H2O Live water park last summer). I also have this one piece suit and I love it!

Mickey Ears for Disney World

I have a confession…

I used to think ears were lame.

I know, I know… can you even trust me for Disney tips anymore? But I’ve changed! I ordered my first pair from Amazon and gave them a go. Because where else can a grown woman wear mouse ears in public without people giving you the side eye?

mom holding baby at disney world

If you’re not ready for the ears, you might like these headbands better! The red and white polka dot print, paired with a black sundress says Minnie Mouse without actually dressing like a mouse ;).

Disney Jewelry for Disney World

I like to keep my jewelry really simple when I go to Disney. So when I found these Mickey shaped studs I knew they were the pair I would be wearing all week when we go to Disney. I bought the pink ones on the left (they come in a ton of colors), but I just found the pair on the right and now I think I might need those too. 

Matching Family T-Shirts

And last but not least, coordinating shirts for your castle shot! This is one of my favorite photos from any of our Disney trips. I like to think it’s matchy, but not too matchy. Right?

The boys each had a personalized baseball tee (I got theirs at Old Navy but here is a similar one you can buy on Amazon). Then I bought the personalized images from etsy, printed them on these Avery Fabric Transfers and then ironed them on the shirts. A fairly simple DIY project. 

I found my t-shirt on clearance at the Disney outlet and my husband’s is from Kohls

Family in Mickey shirts in front of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom
Baseball Tee with Iron-on Mickey Ears logo and personalization

More Disney Planning Tips

Be sure to check out my other Disney related posts. And please, if you have any questions as you plan your vacation, feel free to ask them! You can email me at info@vacationpointers.com or just leave them in the comments below

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Family in Mickey shirts at Magic Kingdom in Disney World
Tree of Life and Family at Animal Kingdom in Disney World

What to Wear to Disney World for Moms


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  1. This is such a fantastic article! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled what to wear for different occasions too so it’s good to know it’s not just me! 🙂 I’ve been to Disney World many times before, in fact I used to work there, but as a young 20-something, about 13 years ago. I’m hoping to do it again soon with my 3 little girls in tow so I am definitely pinning this article to come back to when we’re finally planning that trip, and signing up for your newsletter! Thank you!

    1. Haha, we just want to get it right! It is definitely a different experience going with your kids! So much fun to see it through their eyes. Hope you get to go soon!

  2. These are great! Must add Jockey Slip Shorts for under sundresses. They wick away moisture and avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

    1. Yes! I wore a dress with bike shorts under them in November and it was definitely my most comfortable outfit that week.

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